Army dating in same unit regulations

There is also another housing area which houses the junior enlisted and junior NCO’s.

Officers without their families can have 1-2 other roommates in those same housing areas.

I could tell you so many horror stories about housing- it’s my biggest pet peeve at this base!

As for housing off post, the town of Leavenworth is not that great, there are MANY areas to stay away from.

They just remodeled one area of enlisted housing, and the houses looked so nice when they were done, but housing decided to make that a Field Grade Officer neighborhood as well.

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Same with preschools out in town, waitlist can be LONG!

The people I know that live in Platte City like that school district as well.

Here are some links: Also, the Child Development Center is nice, but small, and the waitlists for some of their care and preschool programs can be LONG.

Because this base houses CAC and the Command and General Staff college, there are many, many officers here going to various military schools.

There are many nice, new houses being built on post, mostly for the ranks of Field Grade Officers.

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