Best english translated dating sims

If you’re shocked to learn that the class president character wears glasses and is a conniving, greedy girl who uses everyone around her with almost terrifying efficiency and the inability to hide her excitement at financial gain, you have clearly never played a visual novel or watched an anime before.

Kazuma’s boss isn’t much better either, as he doesn’t really have a personality beyond wise old guy. Instead of making an interesting web of decisions, Paca Plus has just a small handful of decisions with very vague meanings.

What’s notable about it, though, is that Paca Plus isn’t the same sort of lunacy as Hatoful Boyfriend. He only has two real loves in the world: His girlfriend Yukari Izumi, and alpacas. The only jokes present revolve around the stock archetypes that define the four names characters, and one of those characters lacks a joke to go with that personality.

Thankfully, Yukari shares that same love for the furry creatures, and the two spend a day at an alpaca petting zoo called the Alpaca Kingdom. Thus the story truly begins, as Kazuma starts seeing Yukari as an alpaca, but everyone else sees her as human.

He’s a good person and helps move the story, but that’s about it. The first choice you get decides what of the three endings you can get, and the third cements it.

The second is just a trap, as declining Yukari’s date leads to a bad end every time.

There isn’t much humor there, just a few chuckles at some absurd sentences and visuals, and the story given isn’t particularly memorable.

Paca Plus is a game that has to survive on its humor and story alone, since there’s not too much CG art or use of choice.

Most of the otome games, girl’s dating games, that I play are targetted at teen-to-early-twenties women.

But as long as you don’t take it or yourself too seriously, I think anyone can find something to enjoy about these games.

I like the variety of events and gameplay features they give you, and there’s certainly some very memorable characters. Himuro and Shiba Katsumi, to the aggravation of Saeki, and even the unspeakable terror inspired by the bearer of the pedostache and lurker-in-bushes Amanohashi. They don’t seem that interactive, especially when it comes to visual novels. My taste in dating games leans towards the lifesim side of things, and the more difficult it is to maintain your life/romance balance, the more I like them.

You can also find dating-sim mechanics married to other style of game.

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