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Bonifaco, the first revolutionary President, was forced to evacuate and flee towards Pasig River.

While August 30, 1896 concluded with many Katipunero soldiers dead and the rest fleeing, it would be a pyrrhic victory for the Spaniards.

If failed to smother the Filipino's revolutionary spirit as the blood let at what is now Pinaglabanan merely nourished the determination of the people to carry on the struggle for freedom.

News of the battles awakened the revolutionary spirit of the inhabitants of nearby towns of Santa Mesa, San Pedro de Makati, Caloocan, Pandacan, Pateros, Taguig, Balic-Balic, and also Noveleta, San Francisco de Malabon, and Kawit in Cavite.

Nakipagkasunduan si Aguinaldo sa mga Kastila sa Pakto ng Biak-na-Bato.

Middle-later March 1896 - Aguinaldo figures in an altercation with Ramon Padilla y Garcia, future martyr of Bagumbayan, who is supposedly boastful and uncouth; the Supremo intervenes, noting that it may be necessary "to defend the honor of our brother [Aguinaldo] here,"and sends an emissary to Padilla to ask him to apologize to Aguinaldo but if he refuses, they are to engage in a duel: Santiago notes Aguinaldo's nervousness over the prospect of a duel and feels his pounding heart but Padilla eventually apologizes.

1st Week April 1896 - Supremo, Pio Valenzuela, Emilio Jacinto, and Pantaleon Torres arrive at Noveleta, Cavite to establish a provincial council of the KKK, with Mariano "Mainam" Alvarez as president; to be known as Magdiwang, said chapter would later be acknowledged as responsible for successful campaigns against the enemy Spaniards by the time the Himagsikan breaks out.

(Alvarez) -- later, Santiago Alvarez accompanies the Supremo's group to the Aguinaldo yard to organize another KKK council, to be called Magdalo; on the evening just before the initiation ceremonies for new Katipunan recruits, shouts of "Fire, fire in Manila" are heard [later, the house of Bonifacio and others would ravaged by the fire]. 1896 - Bonifacio and Jacinto change the Katipunan code to numeric two days after the Spanish colonial authorities confirmed the existence of the Katipunan; as arrests continue, some 500 Katipuneros leave Balintawak for neighboring Kangkong. 1896 - The Katipunan Supreme Council elects the leader of the revolutionary government: Andres Bonifacio, Supremo/President Teodoro Plata, Secretary of War Emilio Jacinto, Secretary of State Aguedo del Rosario, Secretary of Interior Briccio Pantas, Secretary of Justice Enrique Pacheco, Secretary of Finance.

(This election would be recorded in the February 8, 1897 issue of the Spanish-American publication La Ilustracion Española y Americana about the Philippine revolution. 1896 - Antonio San Agustin Salazar, Filipino mason, confesses to knowing Bonifacio and would become one of the Bagumbayan Martyrs executed within a few months in connection with the Himagsikan--ushering in the "reign of terror" by the Spanish colonizers.

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