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Here is a shot of one of the Routemasters at the west London Air Terminal in 1969 in the original livery: At the same time BEA was still using the one an a half deck AEC Regal IVs from London Transport. BOAC also had their own fleet of vehicles which operated from their terminal close to Victoria Coach Station.

In 1966 they acquired a fleet of Leyland Atlanteans with MCW bodies.

The Routemasters were delivered and initially operated in the traditional airline livery of blue and white, but, in 1969 the emerging distressing vogue for the use of orange in bus liveries gravely infected the BEA fleet.

Mercifully, the merger of BEA and BOAC into British Airways in September 1973 saw the consignment of the execrable orange to oblivion with the restoration of a blue /white livery.

They had semi automatic gearboxes and AEC AV 590 engines, but were geared for 70 mph running with trailers on the M4 motorway, which would surely not be allowed today.

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To say the Atlantean was inferior is a nonsense as BOAC re-ordered Atlanteans and TWA’s contract with Hall’s of Hounslow specified the Atlantean based on BOAC’s experience.They had well padded comfortable seats , superb suspension, were nimble and quiet (certainly no problem with transmission noise). The Atlantean may have looked better, but as a tool for the job, would have been inferior. Outbound to Heathrow vehicles were assigned to specific flights with the luggage in the trailers going directly to the aircraft.There were enough vehicles for duplicates if necessary, but in practice this was rare.Joe – I think you’ll find BOAC left Buckingham Palace Road in the early/mid 70s.My 1978 office looked out on to it and I can remember, at one point, it being used for South Western Services on peak days to relieve pressure on the Coach Station itself.

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