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Inexpensive stock cabinets were styled with glass inserts and a coat of white paint, while a nature-inspired mural adds a ton of character for only 5.

A custom-built walnut and steel tea cart and an exposed brick chimney add even more unique charm.

Rather than buying all-new cabinets, custom doors and drawer fronts were added to the existing boxes to create an updated look while saving tons of cash.

Recycled glass countertops, a stylish light fixture and an easy-to-install stainless-steel backsplash add contemporary flair.

The gorgeous quartz countertops are a smart investment, since they never need to be resealed and will last for years.

Creative, low-cost updates make this kitchen one of a kind.

Stylish, aluminum-frame doors breathe new life into the existing cabinets.

Finally, removing the peninsula opens up the kitchen and makes room for a new dishwasher.

At 0, a backsplash made from stacked-stone panels adds a high-end look for a reasonable price.

Cabinets arguably take up the most real estate in your kitchen.

So if they’re sad, the whole kitchen looks a bit depressed.

Check the backs of your doors to see if the center panel can be taken out.

Types of glass inserts are limitless — contemporary, bubbles, raindrops on water, antique — and cost to per square foot.

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