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My roommate (and one of my closest friends) is desperate about having a relationship.

She keeps falling into scams online or throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the guy in the first few texts/encounters.

But it also has plenty of sexist messages about how men view women and what women have to do to attract them.

Some of the women seem greedy, insecure, and/or desperate to "find a man." One contestant is nicknamed "The Ball Buster" for being too cold and potentially too aggressive. One contestant refers to an African-American male as being "chocolate," but she intends the comment to be positive.

Parents need to know that this reality series -- in which a male matchmaker offers blunt advice to women desperate to be in a relationship -- sends sexist messages about both men and women and what they expect from each other when it comes to dating.

It's also got all the other expected trappings of a reality show, including strong language (the worst is bleeped, but there's plenty that's not), catty arguing, drinking, and sexual innuendo.

Guys can smell desperation from a mile away.) outside of her friends.

They also co-host the breakout VH1 series Tough Love, now in its fourth season. “The executives over at VH1 were looking for more transformative programming,” says Steve, “so that was kind of our hook.” And that “hook” turned into a successful program that brought him and his mother into the limelight.

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Some strong innuendo, as well as some hugging and kissing.

Some of the women like to wear tight, revealing bathing suits and/or blouses to get attention.

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